Monday, July 27, 2009


Everything is constantly in a flux of change. As humans, we embrace change, seek it, even crave it, but it has to be the kind of change we want. Like, for example, I like changing my hairstyle every once in awhile, but it's when I decide I need a change. I like changing the paint color in my bedroom, but its because I was sick of the old one, and this new color matches my new bedspread so much better. These are changes on my own terms. Most people, I have found, do not like changes that are not on their own terms. Take for instance if there's this peanut butter you've been eating every morning for breakfast since you were a kid. You go to the grocery store one day and the jar says "new and improved!", and you feel a sudden sense of dread in the pit of your stomach. U go home, open the jar, and guess what? Changed, completely and forever. You will never again be able to revisit your childhood days with every bite. Say goodbye to that comfort food!

Is change only good when it's on our terms? Or does every cloud have a silver lining?

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