Monday, August 19, 2013

Milk is bad for you?

So today I would like to share something that I discovered about a year ago. It impacted me immensely, but in no way do I feel that others will feel the same. All I want to do in this case is share knowledge, and people can glean from it what they will. I feel a moral responsibility to share this with others. I know many people already know about this, so I may not be sharing something new. It's not really about that though; instead it's about the fact that for your whole life you have been lied to. We know there are many dishonest people and corporations in the world. We know the government is less than forthcoming with many things. How many times has there been some scandal or another gracing the front page of the newspaper?
So here's a big fat lie. Read the link and decide for yourself... I didn't just go to the first page I found on the internet and decide to trust this was true. I did a lot of researching and fact checking so that I could be sure this wasn't a lie. I don't believe that knowing that milk is bad for you will change your life forever. But I prefer to think of it in a different sense. Your whole life you were taught to believe that milk 'does a body good'. Milk, yogurt,cheese, oh it is all a great source of calcium, which is so important for healthy bones. So we'd better hurry up and get as much as possible! We were all puppets in the milk marketing machine.
How many of you as kids saw how fast your house went through that 4 litre plastic jug of milk every week....even every day? For the better part of your life it was a belief, a value that was ingrained in you that milk was good for you. So it must be true, right? I don't mean to not give people credit, I've met many people who know that it's a lie, or at least try to consider it. I also meet people that straight up won't even consider the possibility that milk is bad for them. And I'll tell you why they think that way. I get it, I really do. It was hard for me too. It's a breakdown of your entire life's belief system. It's like me coming to you and saying, "You know how your whole life you thought blue was blue. Well it's not, it's actually green." You'd think I was mad, you wouldn't want to believe me. Just imagine for a minute that I was right, that society lied about colors to you for your whole life. Ok, it's a silly analogy, but that's how silly people sometimes think I am for telling them the whole 'milk is bad' thing. But if you allow yourself to consider it, doesn't it make you mad that you've been lied to this whole time? Doesn't it make you wonder what else you've been lied to about? Don't you want to try to discover for yourself what is real in this world and what is not?
To me, anyhow, it was one of many small discoveries that created a spark in me, to learn more about how we have had our values shaped for us by the higher ups. My real point here is just this. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Don't blindly accept things just because it was how you were raised or it's what everyone else does. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. The problem is, the government and corporations don't want us to obtain that knowledge because they know what we would do with it and we wouldn't follow their ways anymore. Milk companies have spent billions of dollars perpetuating a lie to us to keep us buying their product. They know they'd lose a lot of business if more people knew the truth. I just feel like people have a right to know that, they can do what they want with the information. But just let them have it!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Don't give up

After about 5 hours of fitful dreams, I found myself awake this morning at 530am. This is in no way typical for me; I am a good sleeper normally. I found myself laying in bed trying to figure out what had me so twisted up and anxious. It occured to me that I had allowed myself to temporarily 'believe the hype', and had become discouraged. I'm already shaking it off, and returning to normal. I'm glad that I have the constitution to be able to do that, I have been known to hold onto certain things in the past. Still do sometimes, but I'm working on that. I feel this saying of
is very true, and it took me a long time to learn how to be the kind of person who could let things go. Doesn't mean I'm cured, just means I am much more inclined to not let things stop me. In no way does this mean I am referring that there is someone in my past I am still hurt about. It's more about the philosophy that I have been through that and now know how to let go...most of the time! But I digress. How did this all begin? Recently, as in the last 3 years of my life, but more specifically in the last year, I have been doing some very serious thinking. I feel as though in the last year I have come across more knowledge and revelations then I have in my whole lifetime! Trust me when I say it has been a lot to take in, but nothing that I couldn't handle. I just needed to teach myself how to accept and process things in a new way. Again, doesn't mean I've near mastered it. I figure practice makes perfect, so I'm just going to keep on trying and learning. All of this has forced me to truly re-evaluate what is important in my life, what do I really value. The short answer would be family,loved ones and quality of life. QUALITY OF LIFE! The long answer is one I am going to be happy to start sharing my thoughts on here with everyone, as I have already been doing in my day to day life. Now, in order to create the life I now want for myself, it is going to require drastic changes for myself. Initially I had to start small, and slowly sell myself on these changes. The great thing was, the more I did that, the more it worked! I began to get really excited about my life, about my future, more so than anytime in my life ever! Does this not seem like a reason to rejoice? Yes.....and no. I am smart enough to not 'put the cart before the horse', and not create a fantasy future image in my head. Nothing in reality can compete with that if you do that. I don't think its healthy to think the grass is greener on the other side. I have done that before and it's never been good for me. Rather, I'd like to think, it's not really about the 'grass' this time, but rather what being on the grass is going to allow me to do with my life. I have decided, however, that until my life changes are starting to be in effect, that I'm not going to talk about them to everyone, and glorify them. No, I'm not making promises I'm not going to keep this time. But that doesn't mean I'm not so so excited for them! Now, my funny sleep patterns last night stemmed from me having a moment of doubt before I went to bed. Was I making the right choices, and for the right reasons? Was I really going to be able to do it, stay with it? I believe doubt is healthy in small doses. It is your minds way of telling you that there's still something that needs more thought or work. Thankfully, it was a case of small doubt. I was able to sort it out in my mind this morning, and am now more resolute then ever. I can tell you that I have never been more determined in life then I am right now. Haha you doubtfairies, Laleh wins again! So the moral of the story? Don't give up.