Monday, December 20, 2010

Weird day good and bad

So it's late and I am just winding down from work so this will be short but sweet. First I will start off with the good....I got a second job on friday, which I was so super happy about! It's at a nice restaurant downtown, more details later. So I worked every night this weekend at my banquets job, always until 230 in the morning, which is exhausting, my feet are about to burst into flames! It's very repetitive work, but the staff is usually pretty nice and you get to meet some nice people. So I'm not gonna complain too much about that bc I am so grateful to be working so much, as opposed to barely or not at all like before!
Today though, I did a training shift at 12 in my new job, then went straigh from there to the banquets job until midnight. I knew it was gonna be a long day, but I consoled myself with the fact that I knew I had moonday off to recuperate. The new job seems good so far and everyone there was really nice, so I'm crossing my fingers. They are fully booked on tues night for a big event, so I am working that and I'm hoping for good tips!
So now for the bad. Someone 'took' my phone today at the second job. It was at a big hotel and yes it was kind of my fault bc I was in a hurry and left it in the staff bathroom. But really, the staff bathroom? I mean you know it's an employees phone and u swipe it? My boss said nothing was turned in and even called up to the lost and found or front desk or whatever and nothing was turned in. Yes its a possibility that it might still get turned in but he even called it for me and it went right to voicemail on the first ring. It was fully charged, so to me that says that whoever has it turned it off for whatever reason. I hope they have a conscience and turn it in but I'm not optimistic at this point. It's sad that the world is turning out this way; I mean I know that not everyone would keep it, some would turn it in. It's just funny bc I recently found a phone at a club and I returned it to the owner. They came and picked it up from my house and wanted to give me a small cash reward but I wouldn't take it. I figure karma would appreciate the gesture. Ok, time to pay it forward people, you never know when u might need the good karma! Anyhow I have my old phone still and am going to bell in the morn to activate it. I feel so naked without my phone! So long story short, yeah I guess this isn't such a short blog! Just facebook me if u need to get ahold of me but my phone should be all good by tom afternoon again! Waaahhh my poor blackberry Im going to miss it! Unless of course someone turns it in but Im not holding my breath!
So in tears and feeling dejected, I am trudging to the skytrain and then realize that it's sunday and the last train is at 1215am! No biggie but at the time all I wanted to do was get the heck home as quick as possible as I was exhausted from the 12 hours.I took the bus and it didn't take that long, but it was just funny that I was getting such an ass kicking between that and losing the phone. Suffice it to say I am very happy to be home! Cuddles with dog and sleepytime is in order. My cathartic ramblings are done for the day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tree decorating and baking

So, I had put it off for long enough and it just needed to be done! I am talking about putting up my xmas tree of course. It got me into the holiday spirit, which I needed. I am not going home for xmas this year, which is okay, because I am spending it with great friends, but I wasn't feeling as festive as I would have liked. Tree up, problem solved.

So I played friends on the television in the living room while I dressed the tree; felt all warm and fuzzy doing it! Since I seemed to be in a happy homemaker mood, I decided to make sugar cookies. Originally I would have loved to use christmas cookie cutters, but I had none, so I just made regular ones. But they turned out quite nicely; I covered them in a quick pink butter icing and some sprinkles. I know they are pink but I put them on an xmas plate I had just to be festive.

Now its time for milk, cookies, and family guy reruns. The tree lights are twinkling, the house warm and cozy and smelling like baking. Sigh. Sometimes its the little things that make you happy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mcdonald's happy meals

Okay, I'm just giving my random thoughts on this. If you follow this link and read it, it saves me having to explain it all. Also, it is a little bit of a good read, or if you are me, offers a good laugh.

Listen, I'm all for the fast food restaurants providing better quality and more healthy foods, but let's get some perspective people. It's called fast food and junk food for a reason. We know it's not all that great for us; it's supposed to be a treat, not something we eat everyday. But that actually takes me to a whole other level of conversation about how it's cheaper to eat crap than healthful foods, which of course I beleive is wrong. Just google and watch Food INC if you haven't already, beacause it is an eye opener and a good show, and touches on all that. But I digress. My point here basically is that yes McDonalds happy meals do use the toys to lure the kids in, but it is up to the parents to monitor how often their kids go there, etc. I mean, grow a spine people. I wanted to smack the lady that made a comment about saying it's already hard to say no to kids and this is another thing to say no to. Oh well boohoo for you. My mom said no to me lots, it didn't crush my world or make me hate her. It's called being a good parent. Even as a child I knew, just like pop or candy, that McDonald's was a treat, not an all the time thing. In fact, that's what made it so much more special and enjoyable, because I knew it was a rarity. To me, it's just another thing for people to make a stink about. Trust me, to a degree I get their point and appreciate that they are trying to do something to better the situation, but honestly, I'd rather they take that effort elsewhere. Like worrying about starving children in Africa that would kill for a cheeseburger, or wars or human rights. To me, it's all about priorities. This is just my opinion.

up to date

So much has happened the last couple weeks. Thankfully, I did end up finding a job; maybe not my dream one but it's a means to an end right now. I'm working for Executive waiter resources, which is basically an agency that contracts you out to work banquets and events at different hotels. If you work something like 200 or so hours for this agency, after that you can go work at any of the hotels if they want to hire you. It's actually a pretty sweet opportunity, because it's a good chance you will get hired at one of the hotels, because they have been getting to know you already. The wages are surprisingly good too, I know at the hotel I was at last weekend, that the banquet staff average 19$ an hour. It is hard work, I have to say, but you get treated fair, eat for free, and get 30 min breaks. It's also good just working at the agency. You don't get as much per hour as you would being a permanent hotel employee, but you pretty much get to work on your own schedule. I phone the agency at the beginning of each week and tell them my availability and then they pen my shifts in. This is also good if you have another permanent job, which I still plan on getting. But this is a good start right now, I work all weekend, which I am happy to do. So yes of course this means that I am no longer at Fiasco. Soon, there will no longer be a Fiasco, thus the not working there. A little sad, but the risk you take opening a new restaurant.
I will be taking this next semester off from school to work and concentrate on life, basically. There's just a few things I feel I need to focus on in my life right now, and I need as much free time as possible to do that. I do feel that in the long run it will turn out to be a positive experience. I am wanting to save some money for travelling, school, loans and other things, which are all paramount to my happiness right now. This is a good thing, and I am looking forward to it!
One little sad thing; my daddy got into a car accident 2 weeks ago. He is ok, a little bruised and banged up, but not too bad considering. They say his nose is fractured/broken, so they will need to repair it soon. But my dad has had his nose broken quite a few times, so I know he is tough and can handle it. At the moment he is generally quite sore all over, which is normal after an accident. I told him he can expect to feel like that for awhile, the body likes to have a delayed reaction to these things for whatever reason. So of course I am beyond happy that he is okay; it sure puts things in perspective though. We so easily take both our lives and our loved ones for granted. It could have been so much worse, and thank God that it wasn't. But it only takes a minute to lose a loved one, if nothing else if made me want to be there more with the people I care about.
In addition, when my dad got into this accident, he crashed from head on and totalled his car/truck hybrid. I know this may sound silly, but both my sister and I were really sad when we heard this; we know how much my dad loved that car. Being a mechanic, he pimped it out, if you can imagine a 72 year old man, "pimping" anything, lol!It was his baby, he was always fixing and tinkering with it. He's had it at least since I was 12, it's sort of like his calling card. He was never going to sell that thing, and now it's just gone. Like I said, it may seem like such a frivolous thing to be upset about since he got in a bad accident. It's just we know how much it meant to him, and we know he will miss it a lot. It was his car baby. I think at some point later on I will write a lil blog about it, and give more explanation. I actually have some wonderful memories of that car, and will post pics. It was a very unique vehicle, no one's ever seen one like it.
Today, I am planning on staying home, chilling, and maybe putting up the tree! Tis the season and I really feel like getting in the mood. Nothing does that better than putting up the tree and maybe doing some holiday baking. In addition to that, I am looking for a new roommate for january first, so I've posted an ad on craigslist, and will be planning a viewing for sometime in the next 3 days. So I'm being kept busy with that. It is a little stressful, worrying that you will find someone, and find someone good, but I know it will happen. It's the 15th today, so I still have time, I just like to be prepared and not have it left to the last minute.
So it's been an interesting week, but things are starting to look up, I think. I have a reliable job again, and all my loved ones are alive and well. Everything after that is a bonus in my books!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been an interesting couple of weeks, to say the least. I'm getting ready for finals, which isn't actually anything too difficult or stressful as I only have 2 exams, and I am already well prepared for them. I'm more concerned with finding another job right now. My current/previous job has closed its doors permanently, so I am a free agent right now. Unfortunately, finding work has posed more than a bit of a challenge. Many places aren't busy or hiring, or if they are the competition is fierce. I've had more then one employer tell me that their job postings bring in responses of more than 500 resumes. It can be easy to get discouraged, but I am trying not to have that mentality. I went for 3 interviews this week, and hope to hear from one of them. I also redid my resume, polished it up a bit, along with my cover letter, and have been emailing them like crazy. I also have been going out and dropping off alot of resumes. My goal is to find something by the 15th, no matter what. I, as everyone else, have bills and xmas shopping I'd like to do in the near future!
The silver lining here is that I will be making some big lifestyle changes in the very near future that will help me to facilitate my life. I will also not be going back to school for January semester. At this point, I need to concentrate on working and getting my financial self in order. That does in turn end up helping me achieve my goals; that's the things about life, most goals cost money, whether they be finishing school, travelling, or buying a house. So I'm just going to concentrate on that and myself and my life and what I need to do to get to where I need and want to be.