Friday, April 16, 2010

No more sick!

So I have finally been able to rejoin the land of the living. You never fully appreciate being well until you are not. You know how people say, "cheer up, at least you have your health!" Boy, is that ever true! Take a minute to really let that sink in, because we take so many things for granted, and our vitality is definetly one of them! So long story short, I was super fluish sick for almost the last 3 weeks; sore throat, no energy, not able to do anything at all hardly, not being able to enjoy life. Now I'm finally beating it and feeling better. Now, I'm in no way happy that I was sick...well not exactly. The funny thing is I'm grateful for it because I think it improved my resolve to really work on my health even more than I was before;eating even better, working out more. I am excited to be going for a morning run tomorrow, and me and the bestie are going to try to tackle the grouse grind sometime this week. Plus, I guess it doesn't hurt that spring has finally come, and it is gorgeous outside. Time to throw off the winter jacket and get the tanning lotion ready! I do feel, in so many ways, that I am coming back to life.

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