Wednesday, April 7, 2010

nice things to think about

So, just a quick little blurb about something nice I thought of yesterday. I've been battling a cold the last couple days, which means I've been holed up in my bed at home, tired and achey with a sore throat. Well the fluish symptoms broke yesterday afternoon, and I had enough energy to get up and out of the house for a bit. It wasn't too chilly, and I took the pup with me for a saunter around downtown. Just being out and about, seeing all the people around, I began to feel better. There was this guy passing by me, a couple years older, and he was happily carrying a large bouquet of flowers. I started to smile, thinking of how nice it was to see kind people doing nice things for others. I wondered who he was bringing them to; his mom, a girlfriend, hell, maybe even a boyfriend! Sometimes just being reminded of the simple joys in life makes us remember why we are here!

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