Thursday, August 25, 2011

checking in

Where to start? I feel like its been fovever since I blogged, well it has been almost 4 months. It was a combination of busy, working, vacationing and just being a little lazy about blogging. Gotta keep this point form or it'll take forever. Justin came to see me for a week in July, which was nice, I feel like I don't see my little bro enough so it was nice to spend time with him. He is going into grade 12 and of course is in his teenagery years so there's a lot of growing to do still but I'm hoping he figures it all out!

Its been a whirlwind month, I went home to saskatchewan to visit family and friends for a week, and then went to vegas after that. All I can say is as nice as those trips may have been, I am so happy to be home! Travelling wreaks havoc on my body and digestive system. I will leave descriptions of both home and vegas for another blog, there's a lot to share there! For now I am glad to be home and back into a normal work/life routine. I am actually looking forward to fall, and buying some new boots and jackets and scarves. Summer was nice, but we here in Vancouver didn't have that nice of a summer until august, so I am kind of over it and ready to see it go. Maybe it's because I'm excited over all the fall shopping I get to do!

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