Thursday, August 25, 2011

my new diet

So I have been figuring out some things about myself lately, and I have realized....I can't eat like I'm 20 anymore! Waaaaahhhh. This has been an ongoing problem, to those of you who know me well, I have had stomach problems for years. I've always known that my stomach gest really mad at me for eating crappy, but it's definetly gotten worse over the years. I don't go out to Mcdonalds all the time or eat fast food, and I very rarely drink pop or eat junk food. Still, it's more about the fact of eating over processed foods or foods of covenience; things with too many sugars, starches or preservatives. I've always known that my yeast levels are high and this summer they went through the roof and caused me alot of health problems, never to mention the normal bloating and gut rot my tummy was putting me through.

It all came to a head when I went home to sask and was travelling around. Well we all know you don't eat as well when vacationing. It was all so go go go, so that I didn't really have time to eat well. Unless I was going to get a salad when we went to Mcdonalds, and you know I'm not going to do that when everyone else is having a burger! Again, it wasn't all 'junk food', but lots of carbs and a lack of any proper fruits, veggies or FIBRE in general is gonna do that to you. By the second day I got to my moms I was a mess and spent the better half of a day in bed. Of course to her it looked like I wasn't taking care of myself, and she gave me the naggy mom lecture, which frustrated me even more. Suffice it to say, I felt I had hit a wall and enough was enough. By the time I got home I was committed to turning over a new leaf. But then it was off to Vegas 3 days later so that didn't help! Surprisingly I ate pretty good in Vegas, that was partially because I didn't want to be sick during my trip! (pepto is my best friend, how sad!)

Now I am home, and slowly but surely, through lots of effort on my part, my body is sorting itself out and I am feeling better. I went grocery shopping and bought a fridge full of fruits and veggies, spelt bread, lactose free milk, sugar free and gluten free products(buckwheat waffles rock!). Because I am learning, through depriving myself of certain things, and then reintroducing them, that I definetly have some food sensitivities. I have noticed that milk, or rather lactose is most certainly a culprit; if I eat ice cream or anything straight milk, like milkshakes or cream soups, I get super bloated and yucky. Although yogurt, goat cheese and super aged cheese like old cheddar seems to be fine, so I get my dairy fix too. Interesting fact; did u know that super aged cheese has virtually no lactose in it? So it's good for all you sensitive cheese lovers. I still get my cereal in the morn due to the lactose free milk, and eggs are fine too. So I'm not suffering that much, I've just had to readjust some things. No pasta for now and limited white rice, and cut down in the sugar, which I'm learning is in EVERYTHING. I've got naturally sweetened jam and stevia, which helps. And I'm really learning to read the ingredients of anything I buy. Basically, if I can't pronounce it, I'm not buying it. So I'm eating at home alot, but I'm enjoying it, cooking new recipes and trying new things. I'm really excited about it and think it'll really pay off in the end!

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