Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Life Changers

Things I actually care about.

I realized, looking back on my last blog post in 2013, that I was just at the beginning of an awesome, mind bending journey of knowledge and experiences that changed my life forever. Wow! So many things have altered the course of my life permanently and wonderfully. There were a few that stung a little, but those were more of “ignorance is bliss” occurrences. (which I will commit an entire blog to separately!)

Where do I begin? Point form seems to be the way to go:

#1 – The beginning of my journey undoubtedly started with food. I had been getting increasingly more and more ill as time went by, finally realizing that feeling this way was not the norm. I was having horrible stomach problems and mood swings constantly to the point where both were interfering with my life. I decided I’d had enough, and started trying new ways of eating; omitting all the things I thought might be bad for me. It was quite the process of elimination; I went vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten free, etc. All different diets. I also educated myself about food. That, coupled with the difference I saw in my health, led me to realize how poor my food education had been, and how the general public has been bamboozled about food their whole lives. Many facts we know to be true about food are wrong. So it led me to wonder if we are being lied to about something as basic as food, what else are we being lied to about? Therein lies the reason for #2.

#2 – Conspiracy theories. Well yes and no. It is only called a ‘conspiracy theory’ in my opinion if you don’t believe it. Now I’m not saying I believe in all the stories floating around, but there are a few that to me, have merit. Like I said, if we are being lied to about food, we are being lied to about a whole lot more.  When I started to have an open mind, and do some research and talk to people; educate myself so to speak, I found out a load of things that blew my mind, and not in a good way. I’m not going to go on about them. For me, it’s important to just put forth the information. If someone has an open mind and wants to look into it further, then so be it. I think the most important factor is that we have access to the information. From there, we can decide if it’s something we’d consider or not. Knowledge is power and the whole thing. Keep in mind though, that most people don’t really enjoy bursting the bubble of comfort and safety they’ve been living in, and so tend to refute anything that conflicts with that. Think matrix, blue pill, red pill paradox. Ignorance is bliss. Until it’s not.

#3 – Self Reflection – Now I mean really getting down to the heart of things. Think microscopic. I really have found that the more the years go by, my default is to really reflect on my actions, right or wrong, and what makes me, well, me. I think in small ways, we are always changing. No one always stays the same. Or they shouldn’t. I know that no matter how much I figure things out, I’ll always make a mistake (which I can’t stand sometimes but have to accept). I’m always finding out new things about myself, which I find fascinating. Lately though, I’m really trying to be a better person. Not that I’m normally an asshole (although I’ve had my moments), but I just really want to work on being a more patient, well rounded, kinder human being. Patience isn’t always my strong point, and I also tend to have foot in mouth syndrome at times. That being said, I’ve noticed as per my previous blog that limiting my drinking has really helped with that. I’m enjoying the results, so I’m just going to keep moving forward in that direction.

Each of these points will I’m sure at some point have their own blog. There’s just so much content to cover and I don’t really feel like writing a novel today.  I will put all the links below that started me on my path, and hopefully some of you will be interested enough to maybe take a peek at some of them. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, it never hurts to get another viewpoint, right?


#1 – FOOD INC (easy to watch and very informative! – good intro to start with)



#4 – FED UP

#5 – EARTHLINGS (hard to watch but if I can do it you can do it!)



#1 – WHY MILK IS BAD FOR YOU (no one ever really wants to believe this one!)


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