Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Bedroom

I don’t want to talk about 2016, or New Years resolutions or anything like that. It’s not because 2016 was bad, it was fine for me, except for a few awesome people passing away (Prince, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, etc).  The holidays were great, got to see my nieces and the whole fam and we had a nice Christmas. I’m actually ridiculously excited about something that has become a temporary obsession. That’s sort of how I work. I fixate on something until I accomplish it or get it out of my system. I want it and I want it now!  It can be a good thing, I find it very motivating, but it can also be frustrating when you are trying to accomplish something and you have to wait. So what is the silly thing? I’M REDECORATING MY BEDROOM! I know right? How can I be so very excited about this? Well I am and I think it’s good to be happy about the little things, because the big things don’t happen everyday.

So these are the before pics. Not horrible but not what I was envisioning. Good, I guess that makes it a blank slate to start with! Inspiration? Think really nice hotel rooms, lots of grey and white and silver, with different textures and overall luxurious feel.

So I have all the new furniture set up. We have lovely new white bedside tables and a matching mammoth sized dresser. All my Ikea stuff in there previously is being put into the guest bedroom downstairs, and we took the bed from down there and put it in our bedroom.  This was a nice change because I previously had a low platform bed, and this bed is of normal height. It was weird the first couple of days getting out of bed because I wasn’t used to it!

So there are still a few things I need for the room, but that part is mostly done. I ordered this gorgeous grey headboard online from Wayfair and it gets here in about 2 weeks. (I’ll be biting my nails till it arrives!)  I would like to get some type of lovely panoramic sized canvas print for over the dresser, so I’m currently scouring the net (does anyone say the net anymore?) for one. Other than that I just need 2 new wall light sconces, but I know which ones I want, so I just need to pick them up.

The real holdup is the actual renos we’d like to do in there. I’ve picked out a dove grey color for the walls and I want to wallpaper just the one wall behind the bed. A feature wall if you will!   See below an example of what kind of wallpaper I’m thinking of. At the moment I’m really into the whole arabesque tile/moroccan print thing.

Also will have to put down new laminate as the current carpet is 15 plus years old and gives me nightmares. I hate carpet, no matter how much you clean it, you never know what grossness is lurking there in the depths! We are going to put in all new white baseboards and paint the closet doors as they are currently poop brown. (not a fan) So that’s fun! Hopefully Joey will be home long enough one of these days that we can get a proper start on it all! Super excited and will have to do a blog when everything is completed.