Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and there are some things I've come to embrace about myself. I am flawed, just like everyone else; it is okay to not be perfect, it is okay to make mistakes. The point is that I am constantly on the journey of discovery, not just about life and knowledge, but also about myself. Who I am as a person. This is some of what I know so far.

I am an emotional, feeling person. I've often let my heart rule my choices. This is, obviously good and bad. What I am proud of is how far I've come with it. What I mean is that I'm so much smarter now when it comes to decisions of the heart. I'm not that blubbering, wide-eyed lovesick optimist that I was when I was younger. That doesn't mean I'm jaded, it actually means that I'm wiser, more well adjusted and know now what's right and what I will and will NOT put up with. Here's what I know for sure. Even when I've been knocked out mercilessly by loves hangover, I've found a way to rise above, overcome and try to learn better for next time. I'm very good at standing on my own two feet now. I'm super proud that not once in my life have I had a man taken care of me; I've always paid my own rent and bills! And I'm smart enough now to walk away from anyone that can't be real and treat me how I should be treated! Basic point, I won't do anything that hurts me, I love myself too much for that, and I feel blessed to even realize that!

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