Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hit the wall!

I did hit the wall, but not in a bad way. Let's just say I've had enough of waiting for things to get better, and now I actually feel driven and strong enough to actually go out and make it happen! I had an awesome time at work last night, all my customers were fun and engaging; I didn't feel like I was working, if only every day were like that! But there was this one couple in particular that were just spectacular. And I mean that in every sense of the word. They were celebrating their anniversary, and I must have spent half my shift just talking with them. They are both creatively artistic people like me, and 'bookies', ie people who love books and reading, and we had the most fun conversations! I just kept going by to 'pour their wine', and learned the most fascinating things. They could tell I was a big literature buff, and when I told them I was going to journalism school, they were not surprised. He himself is a writer, and she is an artist. I ended up telling them that sometimes it's really hard for me to write, and he said that I should try to find bit of time every day to write something, even if it's non sensical. It's just like any other muscle in the body, if you use it alot, it gets stronger. Of course I knew this, but it was nice to hear someone else say it, especially someone who's "been there". Although it wasn't an life changing conversation, it did give me something to think about, something I actually should be thinking about! So I guess we will see where these thoughts lead me!

Oh, and did you know that jose cuervo tequila is actually only 60% tequila and 40% something else? Apparently the creative couple are big tequila buffs, and they told me that. Hmmm, guess I'll have to google that to see!

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