Saturday, February 13, 2010

Makeup loves!

So for my first attempt at writing something everyday, I am going to write about something shallow. I mean, I have a lot of other things to say, which I will, but right now this is something fun and easy. Ok, so what is it? My newfound obsession with makeup! Eye makeup especially. One late night, after a few glasses of wine, I was randomly searching youtube videos, when I came across this vlogger. Her name is Aubrey, and she does makeup reviews and tutorials. At first I thought her to be a little vapid, but once I watched a few vlogs, I saw she was quite experienced with makeup, and smart besides. (she's studying nursing in school) I've found so many new products from her, and learnt new application techniques as well. Ok, so her vlog is  Decide for yourself. Take it with a grain of salt, as I did. This is not the stuff life is made of, but just one of the fun things a girl can do to treat herself now and then.

Ok, so with that said, I have mentioned being really into eye makeup right now. Specifically, I'm loving Urban decay products. They're really highly pigmented, so you don't need alot, and they go on so even and smooth. Plus, they have great colors for every occasion. (should I be an urban decay rep, lol?) So last week I was checking out my People mag: style watch edition, when I came across this. It's a special edition palette from Urban Decay; the Alice in Wonderland book of shadows.


So pretty!
Ok, so I went on youtube and watched a whole bunch of vlogs about people getting this palette, and of course all the reviews were awesome. So many nice colours, plus it came with 2 eyeliners, and their top selling eye primer potion. You could get this product at either or sephora, so of course I resolved to go the very next day to nab it. You know how you find something you really want, and can't stop thinking about it? I was a woman possessed! Well of course I wanted it for the makeup, but I also really wanted it for the packaging. It's got this gorgeous pop up of a scene from the book, movie, etc. I have loved alice in wonderland since I was a little girl. For those of you who know me well, that shouldn't be a surprise, as I have always been a big fan of all literature and movies of the fantasy genre. I remember reading the book, and wishing I were Alice, that such a place existed. But I digress. So, here was the next day, and I just had to go get this thing. I knew it was really popular and might be sold out, but I was crossing my fingers. Alas, they were all sold out, by the second day! And because it was a limited edition, the sales girl said they probably won't even get anymore in. WAAAAAHHH! I was so disappointed.  But I couldn't leave without getting something, right? I mean, I had planned my day and gone out of my way to come all the way down here, I can't just leave emply handed? Lol, oh I can pretty much justify anything if I really want to! So I went into the urban decay aisle, hoping to lift my spirits. And I found a smaller book of shadows, that I had remembered hearing good things about.  Lots of the girls on youtube had said the alice book of  shadows had many of the shadows from different smaller books that were always available. So this is what I got.

It's called the Urban Decay Ammo Eye Palette ($44) CA avail @ Sephora.

Of course I couldn't walk away without a good set of eye brushes. Trust me, I'm a true believer of good brushes now. Even with a good product those little sponge things or cheap, crappy brushes just don't do your eyes justice. I walked around a bit and looked at a few different sets until I decided on one. Okay, so not super cheap, but still reasonable, and I figure it's an investment. I chose the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Set.
 Available for ($70) CA at Sephora stores.
These brushes are sooo nice, and they come with the cutest pink carrying case! It has 4 eye brushes; fluff, angled liner, angled shadow, crease, and a blush brush, which I kind of needed a new one of anyway. These are made of synthetic hair, and so soft and smooth. They work really well and I couldn't be happier with them. 

I also bought the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. This was also included in the Alice Palette that I wanted, and I had heard tons of good comments on this product. I may like makeup, but I don't usually like a ton of steps. On a normal day I like my makeup to be done in ten minutes from start to finish. So I'd never used an eye primer before, much less a good one. I love this stuff! The applicator has a slanty brush, so that it's easier to apply. It goes on so smooth and seamless, and really makes your eyeshadow last all day, and not crease. I even did a little experiment where I did one eye with it and one without. Guess which eye looked better at the end of the day!
Available for ($22) CA @ Sephora.

So that's my makeup haul for the month. It's pretty good and I'm quite happy with it, even if I didn't get the Alice In Wonderland Palette. (sniff!) Hopefully they decide to release more at some point...I'll be waiting! So now I'm going to try to be productive before I go to work, and take the dog for a walk. She's giving me "Mom, I have to poop" eyes. Have a good day all!

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