Friday, February 26, 2010

All the things I thought of today part one.

I can actually say there are about ten times in a day where I see or think something in general and I think, "Oh, gee, I should blog about this!"  By the end of the day unfortunately, I forget what most of those things were. Trying to work on that one!  So I may end up going off on a few tangents today because I'm thinking of so many things today; money, my friendships, the olympics, my trying dog, ex boyfriends, home decor, video cameras, online name a few.  How do I keep up? Ok, I'll try to condense it.

Ok, money is first because I like that one the least. Lately, I've been having lottery fantasies; ie thinking of how I'd spend all that money. Of course, there are a few categories of lottery winning. There's 1 million, 10 million, and 40 million. So of course the sepending goes from reasonable, like paying off loans and getting a nice condo, to buying vacation homes all over the world and a rolls royce! So with that being said, I have, of course been buying lottery tickets almost every week. I am being reasonable and economic about it, I only buy about 5 bucks worth, plus the extra. So it's a harmless hobby that is nice to daydream about. Although I must say I think it has reached it's peak. It was really on my mind a lot more a month its waning, thank god, and I don't hyperventilate every time I check my lotto numbers.  I feel that one of the reasons that I'm feeling this way right now is that I'm not rolling in dough right now. But I don't like to talk about my financial situation....I can afford what I need with a little treat in between....a very little treat right now! I think I'm just sick of all this loan paying and being responsible with my money thing. Thus the lottery fantasies. I'm also feeling a little guilty because the last month or so I have been spending a little more recklessly than I should have and now I'm pissy that I have to 'buckle down'.  Ohhhh, but I just saw about 20, 000 things I want and I can't even buy one of them right now! Stupid sense of responsibility. Now I'm just irritated. Rrrrrrrr. In any case, I've decided to go get a second job again for the summer to make all that extra moola I so badly want. Stupid student loans, will you never be done! I swear to god if I can't go back to school full time this fall I'm going to throw away all my belongings and go live on the beach in a hut somewhere.

My friendships.....don't even get me started on that one.  Makes me sound ungrateful, I do love all my friends, just some of them stress me out more than others. (oh god bless me those of you who don't stress me out at all!) I hope I don't stress mine out too badly most of the time, at least I feel that most of the time I am pretty amicable. This is all I can really say about it. If someone is mad at you for something they feel you did to hurt or offend them, what happens when you apologize? Are they supposed to forgive you, or ignore you? Are they going to at least give you enough dignity to give you a response at least, good or bad? What if they are prone to fits of melodramaticism, then is it really all your fault? Baaaaahhhhh, hello I'm a big black sheep.

Another random thought. And let me just say that I am much better than a lot of my friends are at making the effort to stay in touch and calling regularly. Not better than all, just most. Just saying.

On a good note today, my stupid computer is fixed now. Blogging on here was really annoying to do on my blackberry. Berry sore thumbs!

Next is the olympics. Oh how I have a bipolar, love/hate relationship with the olympics! So, as I know most vancouverites feel, we all got a late start on getting that olympic spirit, but out it finally came the opening week. Out came the wanting to see the torch run when it arrived, the red mitts, the red and white apparel, hoodies, flags, etc. Even I succumbed to it, something which I thought would never happen. I went to the city hall and was excited to see all the people there to see the flame as it was carried past. I won't explain it, chances are you've been inundated with enough olympic pride media to last you a lifetime. I will, for the moment, refrain from all my negative thoughts towards the olympics, u know, all that crap about it coming out of our taxpaying asses for the next millenium or 2. My friend Mess came to spend a few days here with me, to see Van and all the fun olympic stuff. that is an adventure I will explain in detail at another time. We spent 3 straight days downtown, and although nice, I am still recovering from the craziness. I nearly lost my voice and my mind! I am now committed to hiding in my bed with my puppy, only leaving the house for work or school for the next few weeks. I'm a people person and even iI'm sick to death of people right now! Oh yes, and might I mention very smartly that having the olympics here has NOT been good for business! Our restaurant is growing cobwebs in it!

Notice a growing trend, I am going through my thoughts in the order I described to you in the first paragraph. I am not even half done.....which is fine. But I'm tired now so I suppose that I will have to do this in 2 parts. I know much of this has seemed somber, but thats only because I'm getting it out of the way.  All the happy things I was thinking about today are coming up....I promise!

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  1. So here is an idea for you to help you keep those thoughts you want to blog about.... Carry around a little pocket notebook and when you have those blogthought moments write the idea down in there then when you get home, it's there and it will allow you to not forget those ideas you wish to comment on!!! Be it Movies or Social Issues :P