Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mcdonald's happy meals

Okay, I'm just giving my random thoughts on this. If you follow this link and read it, it saves me having to explain it all. Also, it is a little bit of a good read, or if you are me, offers a good laugh.

Listen, I'm all for the fast food restaurants providing better quality and more healthy foods, but let's get some perspective people. It's called fast food and junk food for a reason. We know it's not all that great for us; it's supposed to be a treat, not something we eat everyday. But that actually takes me to a whole other level of conversation about how it's cheaper to eat crap than healthful foods, which of course I beleive is wrong. Just google and watch Food INC if you haven't already, beacause it is an eye opener and a good show, and touches on all that. But I digress. My point here basically is that yes McDonalds happy meals do use the toys to lure the kids in, but it is up to the parents to monitor how often their kids go there, etc. I mean, grow a spine people. I wanted to smack the lady that made a comment about saying it's already hard to say no to kids and this is another thing to say no to. Oh well boohoo for you. My mom said no to me lots, it didn't crush my world or make me hate her. It's called being a good parent. Even as a child I knew, just like pop or candy, that McDonald's was a treat, not an all the time thing. In fact, that's what made it so much more special and enjoyable, because I knew it was a rarity. To me, it's just another thing for people to make a stink about. Trust me, to a degree I get their point and appreciate that they are trying to do something to better the situation, but honestly, I'd rather they take that effort elsewhere. Like worrying about starving children in Africa that would kill for a cheeseburger, or wars or human rights. To me, it's all about priorities. This is just my opinion.


  1. very well said.
    I heard their banning happy meals? :(

  2. I don't think in canada they are, right now this is just in cali, or san fran maybe