Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tree decorating and baking

So, I had put it off for long enough and it just needed to be done! I am talking about putting up my xmas tree of course. It got me into the holiday spirit, which I needed. I am not going home for xmas this year, which is okay, because I am spending it with great friends, but I wasn't feeling as festive as I would have liked. Tree up, problem solved.

So I played friends on the television in the living room while I dressed the tree; felt all warm and fuzzy doing it! Since I seemed to be in a happy homemaker mood, I decided to make sugar cookies. Originally I would have loved to use christmas cookie cutters, but I had none, so I just made regular ones. But they turned out quite nicely; I covered them in a quick pink butter icing and some sprinkles. I know they are pink but I put them on an xmas plate I had just to be festive.

Now its time for milk, cookies, and family guy reruns. The tree lights are twinkling, the house warm and cozy and smelling like baking. Sigh. Sometimes its the little things that make you happy.

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